How To Draw Hands

To draw hands, you must first understand the main parts of it and their general shapes. The hand is made up 3 sets of bone. The carpals(wrist), the metacarpals(palm) and the phalanges(fingers). On top of these bones are 3 tear shaped muscle masses that make up the form of the hand.These 3 tear shaped muscle […]

Color Harmony and Relativity

Colors aren’t the names that people give them. They are relative to each other. If you put a gray near a warm color, that “gray” is going to look blue. It’s because if you look at it through a color circle rather than a color wheel, while the gray isn’t shifting in hue towards blue, […]

The Rules of Light

For this tutorial, I will be teaching how to render light from imagination. We will be rendering a ball, but the rules of light can be applied to any form, be it a box or cylinder. It’s all the same. Let’s talk now about the 2 different kinds of light and 2 different kinds of […]

How to Draw From Reference Accurately

Having trouble accurately drawing your references? It’s not just you. Plenty of beginners, and even advanced artists struggle with accurately copying what they see. In this article I will show you how you can draw from reference using boxes! Why boxes? You see, everything has a height and width. In order to get an accurate […]