Private Tutorship

Sometimes self study isn’t enough to improve. Sometimes you need an outside perspective to guide you and let you know where you’re making mistakes. Usually, to get this kind of guidance you have to go to art school or find tutorships only to be greeted by a big price tag. We at Pagaling Arts say no to that. We’re focused on providing value for reasonable prices.

How it works

Choose a program

We offer 2 programs for now, with more to come in the future. These programs are the One Hour Session and the Seven Session Program.


Contact us through facebook or instagram with the program you would like to pursue, the time and days you would prefer to take your sessions and examples of your artwork. Payment method will be through either PayPal or Gcash.


Get assigned an instructor and develop your skills through the program of your choosing. Learn and make artwork through assignments given. Classes will be held in Zoom.

One Hour Session


A one hour session providing a paint over critique of any artwork of your choosing. You will get a complete diagnosis of your weaknesses and advice on how to improve further in your work.

Seven Session Program


Seven one hour sessions that focus on a specific area of art. You will be provided with a personalized lesson plan and homework designed to target your weaknesses as an artist. You can do these sessions in whatever time frame you like, with at least a week in between sessions to allow for you to complete your homework.