The Secret Path to Improving Your Art

While you can learn a lot from YouTube and other free resources, random information is not structured enough for adequate learning. That’s why we at Pagaling Arts have made this FREE email course that provides you with a path to improving.


Affordable Artistic Guidance

Hey there! I’m Anakin Pagaling the creator of Pagaling Arts.

I made this website because like many other artists seeking art education, I found that a lot of it was simply too expensive.  My goal with our services is to supply you with relatively affordable guidance offering high value. 

Meet the team


Hi! I’m Anakin, founder of Pagaling Arts. My goal is to provide affordable services and content for you. I handle the business side of things, while our knowledgeable instructors do the teaching. 


Hello! I’m Odin, a self taught artist of almost 10 years now. I’m a tutor here in Pagaling Arts. I look forward to guiding you in your art journey, whether you’re just starting out or have some experience under the belt already.